Ethereum Outperforms, Bitcoin Nears a Key Upside Break, and Uni Gains More Than 14%

  • Bitcoin's price is aiming for further gains above USD 21,200.
  • Ethereum gained momentum and surpassed USD 1,200; XRP is up more than 5%.
  • UNI gained more than 14%, while SOL gained 8%.

Bitcoin's price remained well above USD 19,500. BTC has begun another rise above the USD 20,200 level. It is currently trading above USD 20,500 (04:00 UTC) and aiming for an upside break above USD 21,200.

Similarly, the majority of major altcoins are rising in value. ETH gained more than 8% and broke through the USD 1,200 level. XRP is rising toward the USD 0.35 resistance level. If ADA breaks through the USD 0.45 resistance zone, it may accelerate.

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Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price corrected gains after being rejected near USD 20,500. BTC has corrected lower, but dips have been limited to USD 19,500. The price began to rise again and surpassed the USD 20,200 mark. The bulls even drove the price above USD 20,500. The next major resistance level could be USD 21,200, above which the price could begin to rise.

On the downside, an initial support level is near USD 20,200. The next major support is near USD 20,000, below which the price may return to USD 19,500.

Ethereum price

The price of Ethereum followed a similar pattern and remained above the USD 1,050 mark. ETH began a new uptrend and surpassed the USD 1,120 resistance level. The price increased by 8% and even broke through the USD 1,200 mark. The next major resistance level is USD 1,250, above which the price may attempt to test USD 1,320.

On the downside, support may be found near USD 1,150. The next major support level is near USD 1,120, below which the price may test the USD 1,050 support level.

Cardano (ADA), BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP prices remained near the USD 0.42 support zone. It is now rising and heading for the USD 0.45 resistance level. A clear break above the USD 0.45 resistance level could spark a sharp increase.

BNB rose above the USD 235 resistance level. The price may encounter resistance near USD 242, after which it may attempt to test the USD 250 resistance zone.

Solana (SOL) broke through the USD 35 resistance level. It is up 8.1 percent and moving above the USD 37 mark. The next major barrier is near USD 38, after which it may rise to USD 40.

DOGE is showing signs of strength above the USD 0.060 support level. It is currently trading above the USD 0.0620 support level and may continue to rise towards the USD 0.065 resistance level.

The price of XRP is rising and is now trading above USD 0.335. The price is up more than 7% and may soon test the USD 0.35 resistance, above which it may rise to USD 0.40.

Other altcoins market today

Many altcoins, including DOT, MATIC, AVAX, LEO, UNI, LTC, FTT, NEAR, ATOM, XMR, ALGO, and ICP, are gradually increasing in value. UNI gained more than 14 percent and surpassed the USD 7 level.

Overall, the bitcoin price is gradually rising above the USD 20,500 level. BTC appears to be gaining momentum if there is a clear move above the USD 21,200 resistance.

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