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Value Bet Of The Day | Here is my advice for games that may highly reward you and games that you may need to avoid.


 Here is my Value bet for the day.

FC Sevilla vs FC Barcelona is a very risky bet for today. We can't clearly tell which team is stronger, a draw has the higher confidence level here but any of these 2 teams may surprise us.

The margin between a draw and any of the 2 teams to win is very tiny, in this game anything can happen, don't be surprised if our prediction fails here because the margins for any of the teams to win plus a draw are close to the other. Just one goal can make a difference.

However, statistically speaking FC Sevilla is the stronger team but they also come with their risk. Be careful with this game. On my first ticket for today, I double-chanced Sevilla to win or draw. Very risky but the reward will be high if it comes through!

I may edit this post and add other value bets for the day when I spot more value bets, therefore do well to refresh this post to see newly updated value bets for the day.

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