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Here is our Won Tickets For Wednesday the 22nd Of December 2021


We lost tickets 1 and 2 yesterday, however, ticket 3 with the highest odds(3.640) won, making us recover our losses from tickets 1 and 2. I staked 100k On all 3 tickets, I lost 200k from lost tickets 1 and 2, However, ticket 3 won and I won 364k thereby making a net profit of 64k after removing my Capital invested for yesterday. I also won the drawn match from PSG, I staked 1 million and made an extra 3.7 Million as Net profit.

Yesterday we lost 2 major tickets, and that has been our greatest loss for this December, However, ticket 3 saved us, and our Draw bet of the day(PSG) saved us as well if you did not combine the tickets.

Our 181 odds for yesterday failed as well because we lost games from our 2 tickets, what I did was to play a draw no bet(DNB) on all three tickets, and arrived at a higher odd(181 odds), If all 3 tickets had played our 181 odds would have won. 

Family, don't stress a day would come when all three tickets would win, and our higher odds for the day would win as well.

I hope failed ticket 1 and ticket 2 from Yesterday, won't discourage you from staking in the future, remember I always say that every loss comes with a better lesson that will improve the quality of the game for future purposes. 

Our 3 tickets may win any time soon, So stick around so that you may not miss out on such days.

I hope you profited yesterday, If you played all tickets and staked exactly as I did you would be arriving at a profit, If you did otherwise there is no guaranty. 

My apologies if you lost yesterday!

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