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We Will Soon Be Back, We Know You Missed Us. Click Here To Know What Happened.


 Hello Fans, Followers and Supporters!

We are getting in touch with you guys because most of you all around the world are worried. We received your calls, emails, text, Whatsapp messages and other forms of messaging.
Some of you were worried, while some of you missed us but what all of you had in common was that you all wanted to know what happened to us that we haven't posted games for 7 days now and you guys also wanted to know when we are going to start posting games.

Firstly we owe you apologies for having failed in our duty to provide you free soccer predictions and other form of information which we share with you on a daily basis on our website. There is a reason we haven't been online for some days now, keep reading below and you will find out why.

Here is the reason(s) why we haven't posted games in a while; 

1. Early Saturday Morning on the 22nd of May 2021 Around 3AM some of our team and staff members were attacked at our office by bandits.
These bandits carted away with so much leaving us in a state of shock, confusion, sorrow and pain. 
Our computers and other items which we stored sensitive information and working information were also carted away by the bandits.
In summary we lost so much to these bandits that we couldn't even log into our websites anymore because we had lost our login details, computers and tools that we had been using to access our websites and for generating our soccer predictions. 

Things had not been easy for us since then, but gradually we kept working hard to ensure we get back on track and as a result we have some good news for you.

1. The first good news on our list is that we have been able to recover some of our login details that is why we are able to login today and make this post.

2. Most of you messaged us especially on whatsapp that you have missed us, we have missed you too and as a result of this Soccer predictions for Saturday the 29th of May 2021 will be made available to you guys even if we aren't fully prepared yet.

3. From Saturday the 29th of May 2021, we will look for ways and other means to always post games and other information on our website. On days when you don't hear from us just know that we have you in mind and we will do our best for you to go back on your winning ways. When you don't see our soccer prediction for any day, know it that we are facing a challenge for that day but games will still be posted nevertheless in the future. 

4. Since we were attacked by bandits, we have been communicating with you guys via email and our contact number, we have been sending games to VIP members and to some of our loyal followers or fans via our Whatsapp channel. To be a loyal fan all you need do is to get our contact number or email and message us or call us and that is it, once you message or call us we will get to know you and reply you when ever you want any information from us. It is free as usual to be our loyal fan, we love knowing and talking to our fans as we love your opinion.

5. We don't want this write-up to be too long, we know you don't have much time so we will try to stop here for today. Everything on our website will resume normal from today. However you shouldn't stop supporting us or encouraging us and praying for us. We love you all and we hope to serve you better!

Signed: Management.

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