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We are so sorry guys, Fenerbahce made us lose our bets for Saturday the 7th of November 2020.


 We would have won big, on Saturday, we were nearly there until Fernebache decided to ruin everything. Honestly, that match was fixed there was no way in this world that Fenerbahce would have lost that match, and that is one of the things we truly hate about Turkey leagues. 

We sincerely apologize for the loss, out of 18 games on Saturday the 7th of November, only Fenerbahce ruined the ticket, Click here to see ==>

Our 5 odds as well was ruined by Fenerbahce, Click here to see.

Our 3 odds were also ruined by Fenerbahce, Click here to see.

Our 2 odds was ruined by Fenerbahce, Click here to see.

Don't worry Guys! Some days are like that in the game of Football. You win some and you lose some!

See you in our next episode.

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