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What is Forex?

Forex is simply Foreign exchange, that is exchanging (buying or selling) of a particular currency relative to another currency, currencies are always traded in pairs.

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world with a daily turn out of over 3 trillion dollars, that's why it is traded by people from all works of life because of ability to amass great wealth from it.

How money is made in the Forex market
currency are always traded in pairs in the forex market, which involves buying a currency and selling another at the same time. primarily currency trading is buying one currency that is suspected to rise in value relative to another that is suspected to fall in value and vice versa. When the currency bought appreciates in value it is sold back to make the profits.

How Individuals make money in the Forex market
Money can be made in different ways in the forex market which can be either actively or passively. when you make money actively you take part in the trading of currency pairs, speculate and generate signals for trading firms or to be sold to retail traders who are not yet seasoned traders, teach forex trading as a course to beginner traders and get paid, or become a forex fund manager and manage people's money. These are done by seasoned forex traders because it comes with a certain amount of risk which we should understand.

Money can be made passively by new trader or individuals by a direct investment of funds to professional forex trader and fund managers, where your money will be trade and profits split in agreed percentage between you and the fund manager.