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Guys Jump In Here, Is This True? Ladies What Do You Think Of This? Tell Us Your Mind

When you get sick, he calls, when he gets sick, he still calls you.
You have airtime he calls, you don't have airtime he still calls you.
Your birthday, he buys you a gift, his birthday he still takes you out.
He sends you money and still calls to confirm if you've received an alert, you only flashed him and you're already scolding him to know why he hasn't called back.
He invited you for lunch, took care of your bills, you only dressed better than him, but you couldn't afford your transport.
He met you with your friends you sounded rude, you met him with his friends he was caring & polite.
He secretly borrowed money to give you, you always told him the money is too small.
Things turn around for him for good and he became very rich, he left u, too late, you are now ready to love him and you are shading tears, deceiving other women saying; you were there for him when he had nothing, all guys are same.
Your impact in a relationship would determine if a man will marry u, and not your presence.
Guys is this always true? Let us know using the comment box below.

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  1. Chris Reginald  December 7
    Tell them
    The best post I have seen in a while

  2. Godson Ogbonna Agatha Kanayo  December 7
    Dis creatures called
    Woman self!!!!
    Ur impact not ur presence nkea atoom pieces 💃

  3. Chidozie Emmanuel Stephen  December 7
    Very well
    Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, rather the spirit of the most high. U r a prophet, #fact#

  4. Angela Oluchi Jonah  December 7
    🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 more volume please

  5. Agatha Kanayo  December 7
    Thanks but some guys are really wicked

  6. Austine John December 7
    Na package's fualt. Packages come with expiration date (dates?).

  7. Emeka Emiology Jonathan  December 7
     I love this
     I am not seeing the ladies comments here, where are us🤔?

  8. Chijioke Eze  December 7
    your head is correct. go on. your right.
    U want to see ladies comment the guy is very very correct.

  9. Eleje Emmanuel  December 7
    No ooo... Leave am like that, you don talk am finish sef😂😂😂... Okwa maka ndi agwaru..

  10. Favhur Shantel  December 7
    You're right bro

  11. Udeh Henry  December 7
    Tell them

  12. Uche Agbo  December 7
    Same goes to guys

  13. OluwaNedu James Dieke  December 7
    whose fault is it

  14. Ukamaka Okonkwo  December 7
    Louder louderr loudest wisdom will not kill u mtcheww

  15. Prince Paul Okonkwo   December 7
    Women are keeping quiet nah.
    Sharp truth.

  16. Eyah Stephen  December 7
    Yesoooo my dear you're on point, hold the do and fa key well well

  17. Otufo Mdfr Ifeanyichukwu  December 7
    You are making sense bro