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NiMet Predicts Thunderstorms,Rain For Sunday

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has predicted thunderstorms and rains for Sunday.

NiMet’s weather outlook on Saturday in Abuja predicted partly cloudy morning over Northern states with chances of thunderstorm over southern Maiduguri during the afternoon/evening hours.

According to it, day and night temperatures of the region are expected to be 31 to 35 degree Celsius and 21 to 24 degree Celsius.

“For Central states, cloudy conditions are expected with chances of thunderstorms over Abuja, Niger and Kwara states in the morning hours.

“Later in the day there are chances of thunderstorms over Abuja, Lafia, Yola, Jos and Taraba state in the afternoon/evening period.

“Day and night temperatures are expected to be 28 to 34 degree Celsius and 17 to 23 degree Celcius.”

The agency forecast prospect of thunderstorms/rains over the
southwest inland of Southern states and chances of rains over the coastal axis in the morning hours.

It envisaged prospects of thunderstorms and rains over most places in the region during the afternoon/evening hours with day and night temperatures of 30 to 32 degree Celsius and 21 to 24 degree Celsius respectively.